We are all unicorns, including YOU.

YOUnicorns is a DAO-like NFT project that shares airdrops, resources, research, generated fee or revenue of built projects with holders, and more.

Recent projects:

Only after a week or two of the launch, we've given back over $50K to YOUnicorn holders in airdrops and generated revenue.

For reference, here's the transaction of the $35K+ revenue share from Quaks project with holders: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xdec7638002b7f108b10fdfb66814c00640bd95a485b0e0c4b9ade42c4424acde

Airdrops and Revenue

Like magic, we will airdrop tokens and NFTs of our future projects to all YOUnicorns, and will share the revene generated of those projects with holders.


Like wisdom, we possess the power to share valuable research with you about profitable Cryptocurrency projects and trends.


Like knowledge, we are aware of all the new and upcoming Crypto projects and trends that we will share with YOUnicorns.


Like leaders, we will help YOUnicorns in all that you do, leading you in the right direction with much-needed support.

YOUnicorns Features